CompSoc is very kindly sponsored by all the companies below. It’s due to this sponsorship that CompSoc is able to host so many great events thoughout the year, and provide so much food.

All of our sponsors are looking for applications for graduate jobs or internship, so take a moment to read their details, and maybe even apply. Most of these companies are also hosting events with us throughout the year, and you can find out more details about each sponsor here.

Gold sponsors

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Silver sponsors

G-Research Logo

At G-Research we research algorithmic trading strategies to predict price movements in financial markets across multiple asset classes. We hire the best Quantitative Analysts, Software Developers and IT Analysts to produce quantitative investment research, software and IT systems for use in investment management.

Our Software Developers create bespoke software to give research and trade execution platforms the edge. Developers work in project-driven and dynamic teams using their technical skills and experience to produce robust and scalable software that is at the heart of everything we do. They grasp core programming concepts such as algorithms and data structures, and appreciate good software architecture.

Our IT Analysts upgrade, maintain and support globally distributed IT systems used to trade 24/7. At G-Research the scale of our physical and virtual IT Infrastructure dwarfs those of other companies many times the size, with continuing investment in the latest IT technologies to keep ahead of the competition.

Our Quantitative Analysts apply scientific methods from areas such as machine learning, Bayesian statistics or physics to help them find patterns in real-world financial data sets. Techniques such as time series analysis, probability theory and regression analysis are used to predict the future. Our Quantitative Analysts work on their own ideas and pursue the problem that especially interest them to research novel strategies for use in global markets.

The working environment is positive and informal; there is no dress code, and people are judged on the quality of their work. G-Research can offer you a rewarding career in a dynamic firm where good ideas are encouraged, recognised and rewarded from all employees.

Jane Street Logo

Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm with a unique focus on technology and collaborative problem solving. Our trading is based on our own proprietary models and on busy days we engage in over a million trades. Technology is at the core of how we approach trading, and we consider ourselves as much a technology company as a trading firm. We use OCaml (a statically typed functional programming language) as our primary development language.

Our growth comes from hiring and training amazing people and giving them the tools they need to innovate. Our culture is casual and our careers are intensely rewarding.

TPP Logo

TPP is a UK based IT company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software through our innovative products. Our philosophy is to join up healthcare based on a shared electronic medical record, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their care. We are known for our outstanding achievements in the UK, providing electronic patient records on a single instance database for over 40 million patients.

After 20 years of success in the UK, TPP is now expanding their offering to deliver connected care to new markets in China and the Middle East. We’re currently hiring for six different graduate roles and for our 2018 summer intern programme. We’re looking for the brightest minds from the UK’s top universities who have a passion for problem solving.

Bronze sponsors

CoreFiling Logo

CoreFiling is a medium sized software company with development offices in Oxford. We employ a number of CompSoc alumni and are always on the lookout for summer interns. We work with a wide range of modern technologies, both in the cloud and on-premise, to build software for the financial and business reporting sector.

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