The committee for 2023-2024 is

  • President: Hera Brown (second-year computer science and philosophy, St Catherine’s, they/she) –
  • Vice-President: Isra Qureshi (third-year computer science and philosophy, Worcester, she/her) –
  • Secretary: Charlotte Bridges (second-year computer science, Worcester, she/her) –
  • Treasurer: Morgan Banham-Wright (third-year economics and management, Brasenose, he/him) –
  • Social Secretaries:
      Ailin Sadeghian (second-year computer science, Christ Church, she/her) –
      Ip Tsz Oi (second-year maths and computer science, Merton, she/her)
  • Learn to Code Officer: Oscar Mui (third-year computer science, University, he/him)
  • IT Officer: Euan Parr (third-year computer science and philosophy, Balliol, he/they)
  • Competitive Programming Officers:
  • Head of Talks: Tadayoshi Kamegai (second-year maths and computer science, Merton, he/him)

Senior Member

Gavin Lowe (St. Catherine’s College)

Members ex prior officio

  • Isra Qureshi (2022 President) (Show full committee)

  • Lize Alberts (2021 President)
  • Fryderyk Wiatrowski (2020 President)
  • Șerban Șlincu (2019 President)
  • Edward Hart (2018 President)
  • Thomas Denney (2017 President)
  • Matthew Burke (2016 President)
  • Cameron Alsop (2015 President)
  • Joe Fowler (2014 President)
  • Sam Lanning (2013 President)