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Welcome to the brand new CompSoc website, lots of changes have taken place! To read about it, please see About The CompSoc Website.

The 2015-2016 Committee


Cameron Alsop (second year computer scientist, St. Catherine's).


Matthew Burke (second year physicist, Brasenose) .


James Wallis (third year computer scientist, St. Anne's).

Senior Member

Mike Spivey.

Ex-Officio Members

Joe Fowler (third year computer scientist, Keble).

Sam Lanning.

SAC (Systems Administration Co-ordinator)

Jakub Warmuz (second year computer scientist, New College).

To contact the committee (if you do not want to direct your message at anyone in particular) please send a message to

Past Committees

If anything goes wrong with the society, you can be sure the current committee isn't at fault, but some of this lot must be to blame.