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The 2013-2014 Committee


Joe Fowler (second year computer scientist, Keble).


Maria Mateescu (first year computer scientist, Magdalen).


William Juan (third year maths & computer scientist, Somerville).

Senior Member

Dominic Hargreaves (OUCS).

Ex-Officio Members

Sam Lanning (third year computer scientist, St. Catherine's)

SAC (Systems Administration Co-ordinator)

Jakub Warmuz (second year computer scientist, New College).

Gaming Officer

Ozan Sevsevil (first year computer scientist, Keble).

Swag Officer

Tom Lear (second year computer scientist, Magdalen).

Honorary Position: Extremely Villainous Instance of a Patriotic Pitbull Implementing Nuttcase

James Wallis (second year computer scientist, St. Anne's).

To contact the committee (if you do not want to direct your message at anyone in particular) please send a message to

Past Committees

If anything goes wrong with the society, you can be sure the current committee isn't at fault, but some of this lot must be to blame.