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Welcome to the brand new CompSoc website, lots of changes have taken place! To read about it, please see About The CompSoc Website.

The Oxford University Computer Society (CompSoc) exists to promote the use of IT, computers and the internet and to organise meetings for members to further our computing interests. Meetings often include talks by invited guest speakers as well as practical courses run by Compsoc members on fields in which they are particularly interested. We also hold a variety of social events including Film Nights, Gaming (LAN) Parties, and weekly "Geek Nights". For more information on our activities, you can take a look at our Events.

The society was founded at St John's College in 1978. To find out more, have a read of our fairly comprehensive history. You might also want to read our The Constitution. We have general meetings at least once a term, as per the constitution; our Minutes are available if you're within

If you are interested in receiving details of our events by e-mail but are not a member, you can subscribe to the compsoc-announce mailing list, or of course Join! (If you are a Compsoc member you should already be on our members' mailing list which will receive much the same information.)

Please address general comments or questions on Compsoc to the Committee (; matters related to the administration of the network should be sent to our System_Administrators (

Our GitHub

We have a GitHub Profile where we upload the content of our website. You can find out how our website works here: This Website.

We plan on hopefully increasing the number of public respositories on our GitHub profile over time, so keep watch!

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