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Termcard for Hilary Term 2007

Week 1


Wednesday 17th January, 20:30
Turf Tavern

Just a chance to catch up with other Compsoc people!

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST

Week 2

There are no events arranged for this week.

Week 3

Game On with Durham Compsoc

Saturday 3rd February, 11:00
Science Museum

Durham's Compsoc are heading down to Game On as a group, and we thought it'd be fun to go see it at the same time so we can meet up. We'll go to the exhibition, get some lunch, and see what else London has to offer when we get there.

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST

Week 4

Oxford Geek Night

Wednesday 7th February, 20:00
Jericho Tavern

Oxford Geek Nights offer a chance for web developers and designers in the local area to get together, share their skills and talk about new ideas, techniques and technologies.

More information on the Geek Nights web page . (This isn't a Compsoc event, but we thought you'd be interested.)

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST

Java in the Real World

Speaker: DecisionSoft

Thursday 8th February, 20:00
Denis Sciama Lecture Theatre

DecisionSoft , a local software development company, will talk about why Java is their development platform of choice. This will include the advantages and disadvantages of developing in Java, as well as a look at the new features offered by the latest version of Java. They will not tell you whether to call this version of Java "6" or "1.6". The slides used for this talk can be found in various formats here .

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST

Week 5

OpenStreetMap, OpenGuides and friends

Speaker: Dominic Hargreaves

Thursday 15th February, 20:00
Pusey Room, Keble College

The last few years has seen an explosion of interest in geographically-aware applications, especially web applications, powered partly by the availability of cheap GPS units. Flickr, a leading photo hosting provider, has integrated geo-tagged photo processing to its site, and Google Earth and Google Maps has popularised the use of high quality mapping and satellite imagery.

OpenStreetMap and OpenGuides are two projects that are harnessing this enthusiasm in the "Free" data and code spheres. Together, and with many other projects, they are helping us to describe the world we live in richly, and make this information availble to all in open formats and under open licences.

Dominic will be introducing both projects; giving an overview of their aims and processes; explain how to participate in the projects; and hopefully to show off some cool technologies and uses the data is being used with.

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST

Week 6

BCS - Towards secure distributed healthcare research and delivery

Thursday 22nd February, 19:30

Over the past few years, members of the Software Engineering group at Oxford have been involved in a number of e-Science projects. In particular, they have been leading the development of distributed infrastructures to support large-scale research. Examples of such projects include , CancerGrid , Integrative Biology , and e-DiaMoND .

The talk will first provide an overview of the activities of the Software Engineering group before describing the DTI-funded project GIMI The primary focus of GIMI is the development of dynamic authorisation techniques for the facilitation of secure aggregation of medical data from disparate sources.

This is a British Computer Society event, but Compsoc members are welcome. More information on the event's web page .

Posted Sun 19 Jun 2011 12:57:38 BST

Week 7

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 28th February, 19:00
Big Bang

Elections for the 2007-2008 committee, and sausages.

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST

Mobile VoIP - will VoIP learn to walk in 2007?

Speaker: Peter Gradwell

Thursday 1st March, 20:00
Denis Sciama Lecture Theatre

Peter Gradwell of Gradwell dot com will discuss the possibilities of combining mobile devices with Voice over IP technology. The past two years have seen much development in the VoIP fixed handset market, and anyone who is purchasing a small office phone system would be silly to ignore it. But what about those who are mobile? Can VoIP be used in the mobile environment, who has working products and what are the challenges of making a call from a wifi hotspot?

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST

Week 8

AMD Virtualization and Barcelona

Speaker: Simon Cole

Tuesday 6th March, 20:00
Pusey Room, Keble College

Simon Cole of AMD will give us an overview of AMD's on-chip virtualization technology, and introduce their forthcoming "Barcelona" quad-core processors.

Posted Mon 02 Jun 2008 16:15:57 BST