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The Compsoc Network

At various times in the past, Compsoc has run a network of machines accessible by members. Currently we have just one machine , providing basic web and email services to the society. All the society's machines are looked after by our team of System Administrators .

You can obtain a copy of the sysadmin team's GPG key , and the CompSoc Certificate Authority root certificate from here.

Those running websites on CompSoc servers should be aware of our URI Policy .

Thanks to the Manchester University Computer Society , when the network was first set up in 1995 we were able to use the domain. However, various technical and aesthetic reasons persuaded us to register our own domain, . We provide our own primary DNS, but secondary nameserving is provided by a variety of sources — see our sponsors page for details of companies who have helped us in this respect.

Just as we benefited from Manchester's generosity with the domain, we are willing to help out other societies who would like subdomains within . If you're interested, please contact the committee and we'll see if we can provide what you're looking for.

So far, the following organisations have subdomains within the domain name: