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Welcome to the brand new CompSoc website, lots of changes have taken place! To read about it, please see About The CompSoc Website.
You are viewing a Legacy page. These are pages from the old website, retained for archive purposes. The content may be out of date, and not display properly.

About This Website

This website is powered by ikiwiki . This might seem surprising, because it isn't a wiki. However, ikiwiki provides a convenient way to keep a website's content in a version control system, and allows us to use the Markdown text formatting syntax rather than having to write HTML all the time.

The site map might be useful!

Reporting problems

If you find any problems or errors on this website, please contact .

Alternatively, if you have an account on the network , you can check out the Subversion repository containing the website content, correct the mistakes you see, and send a patch to . To check out the content into the subdirectory website of your home directory, try:

user@somebox[~]$ svn checkout --username myuser ~/website

replacing myuser with your CompSoc username and entering your CompSoc password when prompted.

Feel free to do this even if you don't want want to change anything, just to see how things are laid out.

If you run Windows, we recommend the TortoiseSVN client for Subversion.

Automagic problem-finding joy

  • There's a page listing all broken links (although it only lists wiki-style links).
  • Known problems are tagged with fixme ; if you find a problem, it might already be known!