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Job Information

The IT industry continues to be in need of high quality graduates with a strong interest in computers. Obviously, this makes Compsoc a prime recruiting ground. This page provides pointers to various organisations who have expressed an interest in either providing or helping to find to find permanent jobs or vacation work for Compsoc members.

We also run a mailing list for distributing employment related announcements — please let us know if you'd like to receive messages from that list. If your organisation would like to be mentioned on this page or send an announcement to our jobs mailing list, please get in touch .


Netcraft is an Internet services company based in Bath which provides internet data analysis, defences against fraud and phishing, web application security testing, and automated penetration testing. In particular, Netcraft's anti-phishing services are very widely licensed, ultimately protecting hundreds of millions of people.

Netcraft is keen to receive applications from high performing Computer Science students who would like to work for us as software developers. Apply for graduate, industrial year, or summer placement positions via .

Posted Mon 17 Oct 2011 12:57:02 BST
CoreFiling Ltd

CoreFiling is a rapidly expanding software company with offices in Osney Mead (near Oxford Railway Station) developing XML processing tools. They have provided Compsoc with significant sponsorship in the past and hope to benefit from the association by having a pool of motivated and fast learning students to recruit from. They are especially interested in Compsoc members undertaking Christmas or Summer vacation work which could lead on to permanent employment. Permanent developer roles are also available.

Apply by sending your CV and cover note to .

Many Compsoc members have been employed by CoreFiling, including at least two Presidents.

Posted Sat 14 May 2011 10:57:47 BST

Ensoft is a software company developing the systems and protocols that run the Internet. We work with Cisco and offer graduates the opportunity to work on leading edge networking technology. Our growth is based exclusively on recruiting (Oxbridge) graduates. Vacancies are for software developers with career path into senior technical roles and project management. The salary is £33,000. In addition there are substantial bonus, profit share and stock option schemes.

Posted Mon 29 Oct 2007 10:37:14 GMT
Oxford University Careers Service

The Careers Service is located at 56 Banbury Road and provide a variety of information covering vacation work and permanent employment. Although their talks on jobs in IT seem to be aimed at people who have no experience with computers, it is worth a visit if you collect an 'aptitude test' which is an all-round exam that many top employers now require of all applicants. (Who said that changing GCSE and A-level standards didn't render them useless as a gauge of academic ability!)

Posted Mon 29 Oct 2007 10:37:14 GMT