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In Michaelmas 2001, Simon Cole of AMD gave a talk on AMD's forthcoming Hammer architecture. AMD's involvement with Compsoc continued with the kind of donation in Hilary 2002 of a server machine to form part of the Compsoc network.


Simon Cole formally presents the server to Compsoc President Tom Ford.

The server was formally presented by Simon Cole to Tom Ford , Compsoc President, on Tuesday 19 February 2002 at Corpus Christi College.

Both the departing 2001 and arriving 2002 committees were present at the presentation ceremony.

Group with machine

Top row: Dominic Hargreaves (2002 SAC), Dan Kolb (2002 President), Tristam Fenton-May (2001 Treasurer), John Swinbank (2001 Secretary), Simon Cole (AMD).
Bottom row: Tom Ford (2001 President), Ganesh Sittampalam .

The Server

Dom with machine

New SAC for 2002 Dominic Hargreaves takes the control of the server for the Society.

The machine donated to the society is based on an AMD Thunderbird 1.4 GHz processor and included an IBM 60GXP 40 GB IDE hard disk.

Compsoc intends to use the machine as the webserver for the site and as the main user shell machine.


Compsoc thanks AMD for their kind donation which will do much to enhance the Compsoc network and ensure its continued existence for future members.


"Compsoc" is the Oxford University Computing Society , which maintains this website.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) maintain webpages at