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Welcome to the brand new CompSoc website, lots of changes have taken place! To read about it, please see About The CompSoc Website.

Welcome to the website of the Oxford University Computer Society (CompSoc). We're here to promote the use of computers throughout the university, to organise meetings and talks on computing-related subjects, and to generally do things of a computer-related nature.

Here you can find information about upcoming events, about the society itself, and how you can get involved.

Upcoming Events

Here's a list of some upcoming events, visit the Events Page for a more comprehensive list.

Jane Street Hackathon eth0

eth0: a day-long programming contest. Form teams and hack together software to compete against others and the markets.

The winning prize will be £0x1ff per person. There'll be lots of (free) food and drink available.

Absolutely no knowledge of finance, nor OCaml, required. You can use any language, but we'll provide some helper libraries in a few common ones. The contest is entirely technical in nature and you won't need any visual design skills.

The contest will take place in early 2015. We don't yet have a precise date or location, but we will update this page and email all of those signed up when we do.

To sign up, or for any further queries, email: Further details will be announced to those signed up closer to the event. Teams of up to four will be accepted. You don't have to have a team to sign up — feel free to turn up as a singleton and we'll form teams on the fly.

Learn to Code

This year, CompSoc are running a new set of events called "Learn to Code". They will include both lectures and workshops, and will be hosted throughout the term.

We have also opened up a facebook group for those who want to attend the events, see the link below for more details.